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 (bə-ko͞o′nĭn, -nyĭn), Mikhail Aleksandrovich 1814-1876.
Russian anarchist and political theorist who was imprisoned and later exiled to Siberia for his revolutionary activities. He escaped to London (1861), where he opposed Karl Marx. Bakunin's theories of anarchy are considered the antithesis of Marx's communism.


(Russian baˈkunin)
(Biography) Mikhail (mixaˈil). 1814–76, Russian anarchist and writer: a prominent member of the First International, expelled from it after conflicts with Marx


(bəˈku nɪn, -ˈkun yɪn)

Mikhail Aleksandrovich, 1814–76, Russian anarchist and writer.
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Noun1.Bakunin - Russian anarchist; ally and later opponent of Karl Marx (1814-1876)
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All of the various Russian anarchist groups were heavily, indeed overwhelmingly, influenced by the writings of the two great anarchist thinkers of the nineteenth century, both of whom happened to be Russians: Mikhail Bakunin (1814-76) and Peter Kropotkin (1842-1921).
Arseniev); a la figura de Cristo en los pensadores rusos (Skovoroda, Chaadayev, Jomiakov, Belinski, Dostoyevski, Soloviev, Ivanov); y, por ultimo, a los cantores de la tierra y el pueblo (Berdiayev, Bakunin, Trubetskoy).
Some of the attacks were probably justified in Russia, Bakunin's home country, in the late 1830s, because Bakunin had recently abandoned his noble origins, with the stable publishing platform they would surely have provided.
Por lo tanto, el autor se remonta al nacimiento del anarquismo y sus principales valedores, Mijail Bakunin y Piort Kropotkin, como exponente del nacimiento de una forma de pensamiento que va calando en diversos sectores sociales y que cristaliza en un movimiento heterogeneo y amplio que puso en practica su ideologia.
Transnational Radicals begins with a comprehensive discussion of the intellectual backbone of the anarchist movement, emphasizing leaders such as Mikhail Bakunin, Carlo Cafiero, and Luigi Galleara, and their influence in nineteenth-century Italy.
The Russian anarchist Mikhail Bakunin, born 1814, had similar views: "All religions, with their gods, demigods, and prophets, their Messiahs and saints are products of the credulous fancy of men who had not yet come to the full development and entire possession of their intellectual powers.
Had Wilder read Cesaire's La Martinique telle qu'elle est, which dates from 1979, he could have cited the mayor of Fort-de-France to excellent effect: "In the great debate that opposes Marx to Proudhon, I am, on this precise point, on the side of Proudhon and Bakunin rather than that of Marx".
Desde 1868, el anarquismo existia en Espana, cuando Fanelli, discipulo de Miguel Bakunin, llega a Barcelona y, junto con Anselmo Lorenzo, funda los primeros grupos internacionalistas que, en 1869, envian dos delegados espanoles al Congreso de Basilea de la Primera Internacional Socialista, representando a 195 sociedades y a mas de 25 mil miembros; en 1870 celebran el Primer Congreso Espanol; en 1873 contaban ya con 300 mil agrupados, no obstante que en el Congreso Internacional de La Haya de 1872 se diera la ruptura entre Marx y Bakunin, siendo este ultimo expulsado de la organizacion.
De su relacion con Bakunin o su afecto por Engels y, sobre todo, de la relacion con su mujer, consejera, complice, amiga y cuestionadora de sus escritos buscando hacerlos accesibles a los trabajadores.
Bin Laden speaks in the aristocratic voice of a terrorist-intellectual, a Muslim version of the 19th-century anarchist Mikhail Bakunin.
A Romanov B Bakunin C Menshikov D Chekhov QUESTION 7 - for 7 points: Which TV inspector was created by Ruth Rendell?
Wagner's portrait of Bakunin is the most detailed and passionate of any in the autobiography, yet is also politic and circumspect: "in this remarkable man the purest humanitarian idealism was combined with a savagery inimical to all culture, and thus any relationship with him fluctuated between instinctive horror and irresistible attraction.