bal musette

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bal mu·sette

 (bäl′ mo͞o-zĕt′)
A dance hall in France, with the music provided by an accordion band.

[French : bal, dance + musette, musette.]
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It is a subgenre from the classic music genre "Bal-musette", which depends on the accordion as a main instrument, along with the banjo.
- Akkordica allows you to reproduce many different accordion types (diatonic and chromatic) for various genres of musical styles such as Folk, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Polka, Tango, Bal-musette, Cajun, Zydeco, Classical, Schrammelmusik, Klezmer, Levenslied, Sevdalinka, Boeremusiek, Forro, Merengue, Cueca, Milonga, Chamame, Cumbia, Vallenato, Norteno, Tex-Mex, Saltarello, Tarantella, Ceol, Basque Trikitixa and Inuit music.
Critics have likened his playing style to a younger Stevie Wonder, noting the Frenchman's ability to present a wide array of musical styles such as blues, jazz, Bal-musette and other popular styles.
II, 94 The bal-musette sentimentality of the valses of Auric.
Wider in their reach, taking in circus music, Eastern European sounds and a good deal of dramatic posing are the longer running Rue de la Muette (Street of the Dumb Woman) who update bal-musette with rock style and assorted madnesses.