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Noun1.Balaena - type genus of the Balaenidae: Greenland whalesBalaena - type genus of the Balaenidae: Greenland whales
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
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In the rush by investors to achieve profits already reaching 20 per cent annually, 46 such submissions were received between 6 December 1902 and 27 November 1903, including for renewal of the annual $1,500 licence fee imposed by the 1902 Act on 10 stations previously approved (Aquaforte, Balaena, Cape Broyle, Cape Charles, L'Anse-au-Loup, Little St.
Productivity and behavior of bowheads, Balaena mysticetus, and white whale, Delphinapterus leucas, as determined from remote sensing.
El patron corporal de los balenidos actuales, especialmente su anatomia esqueletaria, es muy conservador y solo se reconocen 4 especies distribuidas en 2 generos: Balaena (B.
A proposed stock assessment method and its application to bowhead whales, Balaena mysticetus.
pleurotaenia Palau batu, Kulung Osteochilus schlegelii Kelabau putih=kebali, Kebali batu, Kebali Osteochilus spilurus Bantak batu Osteochilus triporos Menyadin, Riu' Osteochilus waandersii Bantak batu, Bantak surik, Umpanumpan Oxygaster anomalura - Parachela cyanea Lipi Parachela hypophthalmus Lipi, Entebuloh, Ikan kaca Parachela oxygastroides Kelampak, Entebuloh Paracrossochilus vittatus Seluang batu, Enseluai batu, Tulum Pectenocypris balaena Seluang maram Puntioplites bulu Tengalan Puntioplites sp.
and Randall Reeves 1982 "Factors affecting abundance of bowhead whales Balaena mysticetus in the Eastern Arctic of North America, 1915-1980" Biological Conservation 22:59-78.
Key words: bowhead whale; Balaena mysticetus; ship strike; Arctic Ocean; Bering Sea; line entanglement; commercial gear entanglement; Orcinus orca; killer whale predation attempts; propeller injuries; scars; aboriginal whaling
Bowhead, Balaena mysticetus; sperm, Physter macrocephalus; and beluga whales have been observed forming densely packed groups in the presence of anthropogenic noise (e.
History of whaling and estimated kill of right whales, Balaena glacialis, in the northeastern United States, 1620-1924.