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A balance consisting of a scaled arm suspended off center, a hook at the shorter end on which to hang the object being weighed, and a counterbalance at the longer end that can be moved to find the weight.

[steel + yard, rod.]


(General Engineering) a portable balance consisting of a pivoted bar with two unequal arms. The load is suspended from the shorter one and the bar is returned to the horizontal by adding weights to the longer one
[C17: from steel + yard1 (in the archaic sense: a rod or pole)]


(ˈstilˌyɑrd, ˈstɪl yərd)

a portable balance with two unequal arms, the longer one having a movable counterpoise and the shorter one bearing a hook or the like for holding the object to be weighed.
[1630–40; appar. steel + yard1 (in sense “rod”)]


A weighing scale in which the object to be weighed was suspended near the end of the shorter arm of a straight pivoted beam and a light counterbalancing weight (Poise) moved along the longer arm until the beam was balanced. Also, see Cotton scale.
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Noun1.Steelyard - a portable balance consisting of a pivoted bar with arms of unequal lengthsteelyard - a portable balance consisting of a pivoted bar with arms of unequal length
balance - a scale for weighing; depends on pull of gravity


[ˈstiːljɑːd] Nromana f


nHandwaage f


[ˈstiːlˌjɑːd] nstadera
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Moreover balance is divided into static and dynamic balance, the association of which is also not well proven in literature.
The COA said that apart from this beginning balance, the BIR had also deducted from the salaries of its officials and employees a total of P1.285 billion in withholding taxes and social contributions for the entire 2017, thus a total of P1.339 billion should have been remitted to the concerned agencies.
Thus, as well as the extension gap balance, the flexion gap balance would change to valgus alignment if we used the PS implants.
Utilizing the 2-line LCD of the balance, the 1 software simultaneously displays weight and application-specific information, such as percent or count.
Summary: Peplink Balance, the leading multi-WAN load balancing router for 100%