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Noun1.Balanidae - stalkless barnaclesBalanidae - stalkless barnacles      
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
Balanus, genus Balanus - type genus of the family Balanidae
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The Balanidae or sessile cirripedes, on the other hand, have no ovigerous frena, the eggs lying loose at the bottom of the sack, in the well-enclosed shell; but they have large folded branchiae.
Amphibalanusamphitrite (previously named Balanusamphitrite,(Clare and Hoeg, 2008) is a major marine biofouling invertebrate distributed in tropical and warm temperate worldwide waters (Clare and Alred 2009), it is belong to balanidae family, and the common names is striped barnacle or purple acorn barnacle, morphological characteristics are a medium-sized, parietal tubes in single row, without transverse septa, exterior of shell with longitudinal striations, shell conical, white and distinctly marked with thick, composed of 6 parietes.
psittacus resultan morfologicamente similares a las de otras especies de cirripedios, particularmente de la familia Balanidae, tales como Megabalanus azoricus, Chthamalus dalli y Chthamalus malanyensis (Korn & Kolotukhina, 1984; Yan et al.