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n.1.(Zool) A peculiar marine worm. See Enteropneusta, and Tornaria.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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1928 242,126 Hemichordata Balanoglossus aurantiaca Girard, 1853 143,815 Cephalodisctts gracilis Harmer, 1905 57,139 Cephalodiscus hodgsoni Ridewood, 1907 200,052 Cephalodiscus nigrescens Lankester, 1905 11.565 Harrimaniidae gen sp.
Ive balanoglossi was collected from Glossobalanus minutus Kowalevsky, 1866 (= Balanoglossus minutus) in the Mediterranean Sea (Mayer, 1879); Ubius hilli was described as a parasite of Balanoglossus australiensis Hill, 1894 (= Ptychodera australis or Ptychodera australiensis) in Australian waters (Kesteven, 1913).
48[degrees] H44.2 Washington, 32.6I'N USA Harrimaniidae Norway 60[degrees] H62.1 27.85'N Harrimaniidae Iceland 62[degrees] H74.1 56.46'N Ptychoderidae Balanoglossus sp.
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At the project start, Balanoglossus carnosus mitochondrial DNA was used to identify mitochondrial contaminants; thereafter, when it became available, S.
Locomotory and feeding effectors of the tornaria larva of Balanoglossus biminiensis.
Structure of the nervous system in the tornaria larva of Balanoglossus proterogonius (Hemichordata: Enteropneusta) and its phylogenetic implications.
Thirteen genera are currently recognized from four families of Enteropneusta: the Ptychoderidae, including the familiar Balanoglossus; the monotypic hydrothermal vent Saxipendiidae (Franzen et al., 1985; Woodwick and Sensenbaugh, 1985); the Spengeliidae; and the Harrimaniidae, including the genera Protoglossus, Saccoglossus, Xenopleura, Stereobalanus, and Harrimania.