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n.1.(Zool) A peculiar marine worm. See Enteropneusta, and Tornaria.
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Ive balanoglossi was collected from Glossobalanus minutus Kowalevsky, 1866 (= Balanoglossus minutus) in the Mediterranean Sea (Mayer, 1879); Ubius hilli was described as a parasite of Balanoglossus australiensis Hill, 1894 (= Ptychodera australis or Ptychodera australiensis) in Australian waters (Kesteven, 1913).
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At the project start, Balanoglossus carnosus mitochondrial DNA was used to identify mitochondrial contaminants; thereafter, when it became available, S.
Locomotory and feeding effectors of the tornaria larva of Balanoglossus biminiensis.
Structure of the nervous system in the tornaria larva of Balanoglossus proterogonius (Hemichordata: Enteropneusta) and its phylogenetic implications.