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 (băl′ə-tŏn′, bŏl′ŏ-tôn′), Lake
A lake of west-central Hungary southwest of Budapest. It is the largest lake in central Europe.


(Hungarian ˈbɔlɔton)
(Placename) Lake Balaton a large shallow lake in W Hungary. Area: 689 sq km (266 sq miles)


(ˈbæl əˌtɒn)

a lake in W Hungary: the largest lake in central Europe. ab. 50 mi. (80 km) long; 230 sq. mi. (596 sq. km).
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Noun1.Balaton - a large shallow lake in western HungaryBalaton - a large shallow lake in western Hungary
Hungary, Magyarorszag, Republic of Hungary - a republic in central Europe
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Besides the agglomeration areas around big cities, urbanization is strong in the coastal areas of Lake Balaton and Lake Velence and along the Danube.
Were doing this project to go from being a good to great medical fitness center to best serve our current and future members," said Steve Balaton, Wellness Center director.
The Ayia Napa structure holds the local Panayia in its hands, while the one in Cannes holds the famous Palm d'Or and the one at Lake Balaton in Hungary a dove.
In the open water swimming this year, which will be held at beautiful Lake Balaton, OMEGA is introducing a new technology which will heighten the excitement for spectators back on shore.
The 10km swim in Lake Balaton is likely to be a non-wetsuit event, due to the water temperature.
Suba Z, Balaton G, Gyulai-Gaal S, Balaton P, Barabas J, Tarjan I.
Last summer I was on holiday at Lake Balaton in Hungary with my family.
The country has a great deal to offer, but the government needs to take the initiative to spread awareness of the rest of the country outside of Budapest, as well as investment in transport infrastructure (such as the modernisation of the rail network around Lake Balaton, a project started in 2013).
The duration of ice cover is on average 50 days (0-96) in Lake Balaton, 56 days (0-116) in Neusiedler See, and 131 days (55-170) in Lake Vortsjarv.
FINA are now busy making arrangements for an alternative course with Lake Balaton in Hungary being the most likely venue on the rst weekend in September.
The Olympic champion hammered out a unanimous decision over the Finn, who took a standing count in the fourth, over four two minute rounds at Lake Balaton.
Hungary used the ATM platform to launch a focused marketing drive for its unique health products in the Middle East, as well as meeting and event packages to Budapest and the area surrounding the famed Lake Balaton.