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 (bôl′də-kĭn, băl′-) also bal·da·chi·no (băl′də-kē′nō)
n. pl. bal·da·chins also bal·da·chi·nos
1. A rich fabric of silk and gold brocade.
a. A canopy of fabric carried in church processions or placed over an altar, throne, or dais.
b. A structure having the form of a canopy, usually built of stone or bronze, over the altar of a church.

[Italian baldacchino, from Old Italian, from Baldacco, Baghdad (where rich brocade was woven in medieval times).]


(ˈbɔːldəkɪn) or




1. (Textiles) a richly ornamented silk and gold brocade
2. (Architecture) a canopy of fabric or stone over an altar, shrine, or throne in a Christian church or carried in Christian religious processions over an object of veneration
[Old English baldekin, from Italian baldacchino, literally: stuff from Baghdad, from Baldacco Baghdad, noted for its brocades]


or bal•da•quin

(ˈbæl də kɪn, ˈbɔl-) also


(ˌbæl dəˈki noʊ)

n., pl. -nos.
1. a silk brocade woven or embroidered with gold threads.
2. a permanent ornamental canopy above an altar, throne, etc.
3. a canopy carried in religious processions.
[1590–1600; < Italian baldacchino, derivative of Baldacc(o) Baghdad]
bal′da•chined, adj.
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Noun1.baldachin - ornamented canopy supported by columns or suspended from a roof or projected from a wall (as over an altar)baldachin - ornamented canopy supported by columns or suspended from a roof or projected from a wall (as over an altar)
canopy - a covering (usually of cloth) that serves as a roof to shelter an area from the weather
References in classic literature ?
I "averaged" a man as he passed me and watched him as he drifted far down by the baldacchino and beyond--watched him dwindle to an insignificant school-boy, and then, in the midst of the silent throng of human pigmies gliding about him, I lost him.
The ashes of Peter, the disciple of the Saviour, repose in a crypt under the baldacchino.
I've got video evidence that shows Baldacchino didn't make the foul.
SEETHING Gretna gaffer Rowan Alexander branded blunder ref Jamie Downie a joke for sending off Ryan Baldacchino in a battling win.
Gretna broke the deadlock on 31 minutes when Kenny Deuchar headed in a cross from Ryan Baldacchino which was only partially cleared and David Bingham fired in.
Gretna hit back minutes later and only a fine save from Rovers keeper Ally Brown thwarted Ryan Baldacchino.
Gretna winger Ryan Baldacchino has been given the all-clear after being rushed home to hospital with an insect sting in the eye while at the club's training camp on the Continent.
Last season's leading scorer, Kenny Deuchar, headed in a cross from Ryan Baldacchino.
Davie Nicholls' free-kick was dummied by Kenny Deuchar for Ryan Baldacchino and when keeper Bryn Halliwell parried his shot, the ball rebounded off Derek Townsley and luckily ended in the back of the net.
GRETNA should be at full-strength with Ryan Baldacchino beating a foot injury.
Derek Townsley, Chris Innes, Mark Boyd and Ryan Baldacchino face fitness tests ahead of today's game.
Flying winger Ryan Baldacchino was beginning to come to life and he was next to try his luck with a free kick that Fahey managed to scramble round the post for a corner in the 47th minute.