Bale tie

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Baling wire

The iron wire used to tie around hay bales to keep them from coming apart. In the horse-powered era, the wires were precut to length and came with a loop at one end. The wire was reasonably soft so that it could easily be slipped around the bale and tied. Cast-off wires from the bales became a mainstay for various farm repairs. With the advent of power balers, the wire was somewhat stiffer and supplied in rolls.
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As cotton gins began adding new water-spraying equipment to improve bale press operation and reduce bale tie pressure, the number of very wet bales increased, as did the need for an improved cotton-moisture sensor," Pelletier says.
Warehouses where cotton bales are stored have to invest in expensive large-scale bale presses to carry out bale tie replacement.
Conquest and 2-Ram Bale Tie Balers Are Unmatched in Performance and Production
Other common problems encountered in gins include controlling cotton moisture levels and bale tie failures.