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bale 1

A large bundle of raw or finished material tightly bound with cord or wire and often wrapped: a bale of hay.
tr.v. baled, bal·ing, bales
To wrap in a bale or in bales: a machine that bales cotton.

[Middle English, from Old French; see bhel- in Indo-European roots.]

bal′er n.

bale 2

1. Evil: "Tidings of bale she brought" (William Cullen Bryant).
2. Mental suffering; anguish: "Relieve my spirit from the bale that bows it down" (Benjamin Disraeli).

[Middle English, from Old English bealu.]


(ˈbeɪlə) or

baling machine

(Agriculture) an agricultural machine for making bales of hay, etc

Hay baler

In the 1930s, a machine for pressing hay into compact rectangular bales. While some might be powered by an engine, most worked by using the power of a team of horses walking in a circle to ram hay into a horizontal rectangular guide until the desired weight was reached. These machines were stationary, so the hay had to be bought to them, usually on a Sweep rake. Later, the baler became mobile and followed the Windrow, picking up hay as it moved along. By the twenty-first century, hay bales were usually circular and might weigh as much as a ton.


[ˈbeɪləʳ] N (Agr) → empacadora f, enfardadora f
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A SPECIAL display of Jones Baler equipment pulled in the crowds at last weekend's Dyffryn Ial Threshing Day.
In 1951, the town of Baler became the capital of Aurora, then a subprovince.
By the time I got big enough to carry a bale," he says, "Dad had sold that one and bought a square baler.
Pierre has boosted its solid waste processing capacity with the installation of a new baler.
Angara and Maestro Ryan Cayabyab joined hands to pay tribute to the true artisans of Baler allowing for artistic exchange between them and other artists from all over the country through the highly-successful Tareptepan Arts and Music Festival.
Moreover, Karin Baler as the first of Urs Buhler's three daughters joined the Board of Directors.
Extending this model one step further would be to add a plunger to the box baler with a sufficiently long handle to help compress the hay, which would create a tighter, heavier and better-shaped bale that would stack more readily.
Noel, of Holywell, has assembled an almost complete collection of Jones Baler machinery.
Our design team included members with that kind of experience, so we were asked to design a baler for urban biomass.
Combined with Sierra's expertise in ferrous shears and balers, this investment gives Sierra a strong position across the spectrum of the baler marketplace.
Darryl points out the dangers of working with a baler-a machine used in the warehouse for recycling cardboard-and the baler remains a running joke throughout the episode.
They compress better allowing more trash to fill the baler.