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Noun1.Balistidae - triggerfishesBalistidae - triggerfishes        
fish family - any of various families of fish
order Plectognathi, order Tetraodontiformes, Plectognathi - boxfishes; filefishes; globefishes; ocean sunfishes; triggerfishes; puffers
triggerfish - any of numerous compressed deep-bodied tropical fishes with sandpapery skin and erectile spines in the first dorsal fin
Balistes, genus Balistes - type genus of the Balistidae
filefish - narrow flattened warm-water fishes with leathery skin and a long file-like dorsal spine
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En este sentido, los invertebrados es un componente que representa una parte integral en la dinamica de nutrientes y redes troficas, siendo la fuente alimenticia para un gran numero de familias de peces como Balistidae, Cirrhitidae, Haemuldae, Lutjanidae, Labridae y Serranidae (Enochs & Hockensmith; 2008).
4.34 Nomeidae Cubiceps pauciradiatus 3.50 Balistidae Batistes polylepis 3.34 Ostraciidae Lactoria diaphana 3.50 Prey item References Cephalopoda Teuthoidea Cortes, 1999 (1) Lepidoteuthidae Pholidoteuthis boschmai Cortes, 1999 (1) Loliginidae Lolliguncula (Loliolopsis) Cortes, 1999 (1) diomedeae Onychoteuthidae Onychoteuthis banksii Cortes, 1999 (1) Ommastrephidae Dosidicus gigas Cortes, 1999 (1) Sthenoteuthis oualaniensis Cortes, 1999 (1) Thysanoteuthidae Thysanoteuthis rhombus Cortes, 1999 (1) Mastigoteuthidae Mastigoteuthis dentata Cortes, 1999 (1) Octopoda Cortes, 1999 (1) Bolitaenidae Japetella diaphana Cortes, 1999 (1) Argonautidae Argonauta spp.
Spearguns are also used mainly to catch various reef-fishes such as, snappers (Lutjanidae), hogfishes (Labridae), and triggerfishes (Balistidae), but sometimes they are unlawfully used to harvest lobsters.
Key words: Balistes, Balistidae, Luvarus, Luvaridae, new records, range extension
Structure and mineralization of the scales in the clown trigger-fish Balistoides conspicillum (Teleostei, Tetraodontiforme, Balistidae).
In this ecosystem, fishermen target triggerfish (Pisces: Balistidae) which are predators of sea urchins.
En el caso del carbonato depositado en esqueletos o en la matriz arrecifal misma, este se puede perder por raspado de peces loro (familia Scaridae), cochitos (Balistidae) y otros, que lo erosionan al alimentarse de algas (Spalding et al., 2001).
Further families including mucoid reef fish are the Chaetodontidae (predominant feeding mode), Tetraodontidae, Balistidae, Monacanthidae, Pomacentridae and Scaridae [45].
Balistidae, Scorpaenidae and Diodontidae are small bony species with distinctive spines and scutes that survive well.