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n.1.A pole or a frame raised as a sea beacon or a landmark.
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Nessa perspectiva, estar atento ao desenvolvimento sensorio-motor e cognitivo faz com que o terapeuta balize suas expectativas quanto ao desenvolvimento do bebe, sendo que a sensibilizacao dos pais para esses progressos pode transformar a visao deles quanto ao desenvolvimento da linguagem.
Espiral 4 -- Consenso: o processo de descoberta de similaridades na organizacao curricular possibilita construir uma sintese que balize a elaboracao de novas propostas.
Given their resource constraints however, it is often necessary for countries such as Balize to be able to take advantage of the synergies and opportunities that arise from region-wide approaches to trade and investment," she said.
Additionally, the oxygenation history of a site near the Balize delta was evaluated over the past one hundred years based on samples from a gravity core dated by 210Pb.