Balkan Mountain Range

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Noun1.Balkan Mountain Range - the major mountain range of Bulgaria and the Balkan PeninsulaBalkan Mountain Range - the major mountain range of Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula
Balkan Peninsula, Balkans - a large peninsula in southeastern Europe containing the Balkan Mountain Range
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In Eastern Bulgaria and in parts of the northern slopes of the Balkan Mountain Range there will be moderate to strong wind from south.
The Balkan Mountain Range, or Stara planina in Bulgarian, extends for more than 580km from the Vrshka Chuka Peak on the border between Bulgaria and eastern Serbia, then running eastward, slicing Bulgaria in half, reaching the shores of the Black Sea at Cape Emine.
Having disappeared over a decade ago, it was thought by many that the Serbs would never hand him over and he would end his days hiding out in a monastery in a remote Balkan mountain range away from the gaze of international community.
The projects involve construction and rehabilitation of the roads system, a tunnel under the Shipka Peak of the Balkan mountain range, the Sofia airport, the seaport of Bourgas and the upgrade of river ports along the Danube.