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Noun1.Balkan state - any one of the countries on the Balkan PeninsulaBalkan state - any one of the countries on the Balkan Peninsula
European country, European nation - any one of the countries occupying the European continent
Balkan Peninsula, Balkans - a large peninsula in southeastern Europe containing the Balkan Mountain Range
Greece - ancient Greece; a country of city-states (especially Athens and Sparta) that reached its peak in the fifth century BCE
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Athens and Skopje reached an deal in June ending years of acrimony between the two countries over the name of the tiny Balkan state, but it has triggered a furious response from many Greeks.
Prince Sultan is on an official state visit to the Balkan state upon the instructions of King Salman, who is keen to bolster ties with the country and open new horizons of cooperation between both states.
His Highness the Amir expressed his sincere felicitation to Djukanovic on winning the presidential elections in the Balkan state. His Highness wished the new Montenegrin leader perpetual good luck, health, and happiness, and further progress and prosperity for his country and people.
"Macedonia may become the next country to pass the test," said Hutchinson, giving support for the Balkan state. The US official admits that Macedonia's admission to NATO should be acceptable to Greece but expressed confidence that all issues surrounding Skopje's dispute with Athens will be resolved.
The implementation of the European Court of Human Rights' (ECHR) ruling in the Sejdic-Finci case is the first element of the road map of measures to be taken before the Balkan state can officially apply to join the EU.
BRUSSELS/ZAGREB, Muharram 13, 1433, Dec 8, 2011, SPA -- European Union governments sign an accession treaty on Friday to bring Croatia into the 27-state bloc in July 2013 with a sense of relief it may be the last Balkan state to join for years, according to Reuters.
Gul said Turkey was one of the oldest members of NATO, and it supported every Balkan state that wanted to become a NATO member.
The Balkan state, which is an EU member, currently allows ethnic Bulgarians and top foreign sports stars to gain Bulgarian citizenship.
Mr Hague said the fledgling Balkan state was being "slowly pulled apart" by ethnic tensions and risked becoming "Europe's black hole".
Joe Biden, the US vice-president, has arrived in Serbia on a landmark visit that has sparked anger among nationalist parties within the Balkan state.
Murphy was in the Balkan state last week to speak to local politicians about the country's future.
It had supported the NATO-led bombings that ended the war in the Balkan state by sending a team of peacekeepers to Kosovo.