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or bal·kan·ize (bôl′kə-nīz′)
tr.v. Bal·kan·ized, Bal·kan·iz·ing, Bal·kan·iz·es or bal·kan·ized or bal·kan·iz·ing or bal·kan·iz·es
1. To divide (a region or territory) into small, often hostile units.
2. To divide (an organization or system) into small, incompatible units: changes that would Balkanize the corporation.

[From the political division of the Balkan countries in the early 20th century.]

Bal′kan·i·za′tion n.
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The division of a part of the world into smaller parts that are usually hostile to each other.
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[ˈbɔːlkənaɪˈzeɪʃən] Nbalcanización f
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balkanization [ˌbɔːlkənaɪˈzeɪʃən] Balkanisation (British) balkanisation (British) n (= fragmentation) [country] → balkanisation f
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The time is not far when the Modi government will burn in the fire of fanaticism as its bigotry will result in Balkanization of India, concluded the chief minister.
'This balkanization is not acceptable to the people of Pakistan and the international community, particularly those who upheld human rights,' he said.
This will be a perilous slide, weakening the sinews of nationalist unity towards territorial diminution, perhaps eventual balkanization. More so, for the Philippines, distinguished by island ethnicities, language, and regional loyalties.
In an age marked by trade wars and increased balkanization of borders, the UAE's leadership has continued to demonstrate wisdom in resisting such impulses, instead focusing on increased economic efficiency by streamlining processes that make it easier for individuals and companies to enter the country and establish their business.
This is why Iraq was marked as the centrepiece to the balkanization of the Middle East and the Arab world.
In the crisis years from 2008 to 2013, eurozone policymakers struggled with a "flight to safety" toward core members, as well as with increasing geographic "balkanization" of financial markets, with investors favoring their own countries' government bonds.
According to reporter Mir Shahid Saleem was addressing a seminar in Jammu organised by the JKPM under the title of 'Empowerment or a sinister move towards the Balkanization of the Jammu and Kashmir.''
If the "New Right" is to advance "Right wing" causes, it must abandon schemes that lead to Lebanonization or Balkanization of Israeli society and work towards legitimizing the idea of incentivized emigration of the Arab population of Judea-Samaria
We can create a conducive environment for business and investment or we can make this impossible through endless rhetoric and ethnic balkanization. class="MsoNormalWhenever we feel we have lost our way, we can start over and retrace our steps or we can continue down the same wrong path and face its ugly consequences.
"That is why it is worth dedicating attention to tendencies that lead to Balkanization of society.
It observed that the comments were driven by tribalism and age-long tricks of balkanization to score political points.
What is happening at this stage in the Middle East "is the continuation of what we saw in Yugoslavia where we had a re-Balkanization of the Balkans," he said, adding that "now we're seeing the Balkanization of Iraq".