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or Bal·qash  (băl-kăsh′, bäl-käsh′, -KHäsh′), Lake
A shallow lake of southeast Kazakhstan. It has saline water in the east and fresh water in the west.


(Russian balˈxaʃ)
(Placename) Lake Balkhash a salt lake in SE Kazakhstan: fed by the Ili River. Area: about 18 000 sq km (7000 sq miles)


(bælˈkæʃ, bɑlˈkɑʃ)

a salt lake in SE Kazakhstan. ab. 7115 sq. mi. (18,430 sq. km).
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The Balkhash radio communications facility is an important element of Russia's ballistic missile early warning system, which ensures the security of all members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Armenia and Tajikistan.
Implementing agency : Balkhash signaling and communication,
Passage route of the power line with a total length of 400 km was planned to be built from the Balkhash thermal power plant to the border of Kyrgyzstan, covering the territory of Almaty and Zhambyl regions of Kazakhstan.
The SWF Samruk-Kazyna in 2009 signed a deal with Korea Electric Power Corp (KEPCO) and construction company Samsung C&T to build and operate the Balkhash coal-fired power plant.
Maximum concentrations, more than 36 mg/l, are above Zhezkazgan and above Balkhash, more than 29 mg/l.
Currently the plan includes two large light-water reactors to be built by Russia's Atomstroyexport near Lake Balkhash in the south and near Aktau in the west near the Caspian Sea.
The 1H12 output of the finished metal dropped by 11% as maintenance halted its Balkhash smelter and the grades of metal it delivered declined.
1bn contract in Kazakhstan from Balkhash Thermal Power Plant (BTPP).
On November 24, the train passed close to Lake Balkhash.
KEPCO and Samsung to Acquire Stakes in Balkhash Power Unit II-41
Cambrian-early Ordovician brachiopods from Malyi Karatau, the western Balkhash Region, and northern Tien Shan, Central Asia.
More than half of the flow of Lake Balkhash depends on China.