n.1.A fast-sailing schooner, used in the Bermudas and West Indies.
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The most popular meeting spot is the Ballahoo, an airy and colourful cafe overlooking the centre of town, making it the perfect spot to people-watch, relax and watch the world go by.
Old Road bay, north of Basseterre) Ballahoo - Simple food and a great view over Basseterre's bustling centre (www.
The Bible belonged to the wife of the Welsh Chartist leader, Zephaniah Williams, and was discovered by Mr Humphries, 68, and his wife, Eliana, on a visit to Ballahoo Creek, where Williams had attempted to establish a Welsh mining community.
From there Williams eventually found his way to Ballahoo Creek on the Mersey River and discovered coal but never enough to make him wealthy.