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(ˈbæləˌræt; ˌbæləˈræt)
(Placename) a town in SE Australia, in S central Victoria: originally the centre of a gold-mining region. Pop: 72 999 (2001). See also Eureka Stockade


(ˈbæl əˌræt, ˌbæl əˈræt)

a city in S Victoria, in SE Australia. 79,000.
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The pair, from Ballarat, Victoria, are the youngest of 10 siblings.
Early Life: Born in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, on January 4, 1965.
Contract awarded for lease of car bays at ballarat, victoria
On 15 January, an Australian court sentenced a man who had that day attacked an Indian taxi driver in Ballarat, Victoria, to three months in jail.
2]O, bottled at source from a natural spring just outside of Ballarat, Victoria, is rolling out to Tesco in a 600ml format priced at around 65p.
The university's Mount Helen campus is located just outside Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, near Melbourne, and has an enrollment of approximately 5,000 students.
The main processing center is in Ballarat, Victoria, where french fries, potato specialty items, pizzas and dinners are produced.
The success gave Ballarat, Victoria, trainer Darren Weir, 32, his first Group 1 success.