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Noun1.ballet company - a company that produces balletsballet company - a company that produces ballets  
troupe, company - organization of performers and associated personnel (especially theatrical); "the traveling company all stayed at the same hotel"
corps de ballet, ensemble - the chorus of a ballet company
ballet dancer - a trained dancer who is a member of a ballet company
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"What I have emphasized at the Korean National Ballet is to expand its ballet repertoire; classic ballet is, and will be, the fundamental foundation to all ballet companies, yet now we need to embrace the new and modern sides of ballet to further grow," Kang said.
To reduce the damage of injuries, ballet companies usually hire orthopedic specialists who attend the rehearsals and performances with the troupes.
Many students go on to become members of the world's top ballet companies.
After 40 years of teaching at some of the world's premier ballet companies, Plissetski has friends and colleagues who are a veritable Who's Who of ballet.
THE THREE BALLET companies that emerged following Diaghilev's death in 1929 and the subsequent dissolution of his legendary Ballet Russe were the greatest dance troupes in the world in their day, and all contemporary ballet owes them a debt.
It's unsettling to think that among all the high-profile ballet companies in major U.S.
The performance, style, and homogeneity of the group of artists forming the corps of such companies as the Kirov Ballet, the Paris Opera Ballet, or The Royal Ballet set these exceptional ballet companies apart from many other very good ones.
Create ballet companies that are dance companies, not ballet companies.
"Our main focus," says Todd Fox, agent and owner of Elite Dance Artists Management, "is short-term engagements--guest artist dancers." Although Fox's clients are primarily of principal caliber, the roster has expanded to include all ranks of dancer to meet the demands of ballet companies unable to afford the price tag of more established professionals--everything from students right out of school to corps dancers in small, regional companies.
It wasn't just about perfecting the step." Five years later, Kostich doesn't regret her decision to leave the safety of these ballet companies. Her experience with Sellars, modern dance choreographer Yin Mei, and Baryshnikov's White Oak Dance Project expanded her in ways that would not have been possible in a traditional ballet company.
Then when I saw the Kirov and Bolshoi Ballet companies perform in London, I knew that I needed to develop a style with greater breadth and fluidity, as well as to continue my studies in music, theater, and art.
(Die Komische Oper ballet company has since merged with the other two Berlin opera ballet companies; see "The Malakhov Era," Dance Matters, August, page 26).