ballet slipper

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ballet′ slip`per

a heelless cloth or leather slipper.
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Franciacorta also comes in voguish ballet slipper pink as displayed in Ferghettina Franciacorta Brut Rose DOCG 2012, Italy (PS26, www.
99 mixed case of 6, until August 1, Majestic) - Decanter Gold A ballet slipper pink that's perfectly poised, the red fruits are coated with a creamy freshness.
Dawn has a cheeky Vermeer quality--there is draped fabric, and a window to the side weakly illuminates the scene--and the objects that populate it recall Surrealism: A phallic stela stands beneath a ballet slipper in a jury-rigged wire cage.
The glass, silk-screened version of Albea's Sof'n' Touch sampler is decorated with a handcrafted elastic string around the collar of the mini-product, designed to capture the ballet slipper motif.
The ballet slipper can be worn to class, or tucked into a handbag to be worn after a gala event, where restrictive and uncomfortable shoes may be mandatory.
Isn't the classical dancing ballet slipper the ultimate heel?
For parents of budding dancers, a vegan alternative ballet slipper can be had from the Cynthia King Dance Studio in Brooklyn, New York.
The overwhelming majority of dancers wore no shoes for modern, followed by socks, then the classic jazz shoe, then the classic ballet slipper.
While in the midst of creating a pink Christmas stocking with a ballet slipper design, her cats got into the ribbon she intended to use and destroyed it.
When this basic ballet slipper form has hardened, build up a heel and sole with more plaster wrap.