Ballistic Missile Defense Organization

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Noun1.Ballistic Missile Defense Organization - an agency in the Department of Defense that is responsible for making ballistic missile defense a reality
Defense Department, Department of Defense, DoD, United States Department of Defense, Defense - the federal department responsible for safeguarding national security of the United States; created in 1947
bureau, federal agency, government agency, agency, office, authority - an administrative unit of government; "the Central Intelligence Agency"; "the Census Bureau"; "Office of Management and Budget"; "Tennessee Valley Authority"
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(23.) MDA refers to the systems it manages that would provide defense against missiles during the terminal phase as the "Terminal Defense Segment." The Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) previously discussed most of these systems as lower-tier systems (the Theater High Altitude Area Defense System is considered an upper-tier terminal-segment system).
Sensortex developed the Magstrain sensor as an outgrowth of a project funded by the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, now renamed the Missile Defense Agency.
Defense Department said last Friday it will upgrade the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization to the Missile Defense Agency to promote President George W.
The US Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) announced in December 2001 that it had successfully completed a test involving a planned intercept of an intercontinental-ballistic-missile (ICBM) target.
Kadish, director of the Defense Department's Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, admitted that he still is not "totally comfortable" saying "that we can make the hit-to-kill technology work consistently" in the National Missile Defense Program.
The Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) program funded IAI's software to someday automate critical tasks like missile loading.
Lester Lyles, head of the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, told Congress that North Korea may be able to threaten the continental U.S.

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