Fire balloon

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A balloon raised in the air by the buoyancy of air heated by a fire placed in the lower part<- =="" hot-air="" balloon="" -="">
A balloon sent up at night with fireworks which ignite at a regulated height.

See also: Fire, Fire

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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All the while, strict censorship kept reports of balloon bombs out of the American media, helping keep Americans calm and the Japanese in the dark about the results of their attack efforts.
Through scores of historic photos, many plucked from forgotten archive files; skilled historical research techniques; great, detailed explanations of everything from what it's like to jump out of an airplane to the construction of Japanese balloon bombs that sailed into the American west during World War II; and a determination to tell the complete, difficult story, the author paints a deeply human picture of a group of men who answered a call, stood up to formidable obstacles, and ultimately paved the road for the racial integration of the Armed Forces in the years after World War II.
only a fraction of the balloon bombs launched reached North America,
The subjects included in this volume range from the Cleaners and Dyers War of 1924, Japanese balloon bombs, and the most devastating school disaster ever recorded to William Beaumont's unsurpassed medical discovery of 1822.
In addition, the book touches on submarine bombardment of Hawaiian and west coast targets in 1942; balloon bombs launched from Japan in 1944-45; and a number of abortive plans to attack the American east and west coasts, Texas oil fields, and the Panama Canal.
By March 1939 the IRA's distinctive balloon bombs (filled with acid and surrounded by gelignite) were bursting out all over.
On May 5, 1945, six people were killed by one of the Japanese "Fu-Go" balloon bombs, not near Astoria, but near Bly in south-central Oregon.
A PLOT to build helium balloon bombs filled with anthrax has been uncovered in the Afghan capital, Kabul.
AN EXTREMIST moslem cleric has called on fanatics to create "another Lockerbie" by launching balloon bombs at major airports like Heathrow.
162); fears of gas releases and Japanese balloon bombs; actual problems with xenon poisoning.
Could there be other fallen balloon bombs, still armed and dangerous, out there?
Mitchell and the five children were killed in Oregon, the War Department clamped a lid on the story while it assessed how much of a threat the balloon bombs really were.
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