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n.1.One who goes up in a balloon; an aëronaut.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"What if I'm really wealthy and I need to find that perfect gift for the hot air ballooner in my life?" Worry no more, because the good folks at Kubicek Balloons have a full-sized hot air balloon in the shape of a cathedral.
When moving air generated sufficient silk, the spiderling became a "ballooner" (Nielsen 1932; Richter 1970; Eberhard 1987).
His mother takes up at one point with what she calls "a ballooner" and sails off into the blue from the top of Fish Hill near Broadway, to his father's chagrin.
Ballooning spiders have often been monitored while airborne (Glick, 1939; Greenstone et al., 1987), but ballooner arrival has never been adequately quantified, a lack which we believe has led to widespread underestimation of its importance (e.g., by Platnick, 1976; Decae, 1987; Wise, 1993).
Match fixing in cricket has penetrated into the ISL Indian joint football tournaments through paid players bought by Indian ballooners and corporate lords with a lot of back money for making them white; the owners, mafias, coaches, captains and players jointly fix the matches both in cricket and football to decide winners and recipient of 100s and 50s and above in special cases like captains, etc, advertisement endorsements, awards and black money.