n.1.A bathing room.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The introduction of physical exercise through kinesiotherapy into the balneary recovery program of primitive coxarthrosis significantly alleviates the symptoms of this disease.
It is about moving outside the professional activities, presenting specific interests for the natural environment (camping, traveling with different means of conveyance, recreation, relaxation, training) or the cultural, artistic, historical, sportive, and balneary environment.
In his television appearances, but also in his interviews in the press, the candidate exposed few of the projects for which he entered the election campaign, briefing them as following: the consolidation of the European common market; the promoting of the Romanian culture Romanian culture, as part of the European culture; the promoting of the tourism in Valcea, especially the balneary one; the promoting of fruit growing, viticulture, zootechny and agriculture in Valcea, generally through specific European programmes (Barbu, 2014: 1) etc.
The Romanian law stipulates that the local public administrations are obliged to organize tourist information and promotion centres in every resort and balneary spa and in each county-seat towns.
713 on 21 of July 1967 approves the building, by the citizens and with the help of the state, of houses as personal property--leisure or tourism-- in balneary and climatic localities and other touristic locations.
(1998), studying the Bagliardi balneary in Argentina, in three years detected the disappearance of native species such as the gastropod Chilina fluminea and Gundlachia cocentrica and the appearance of Oligochaeta, Hirudinea's species among others, probably influenced by the modification of the habitat caused by the golden mussel's settlement on rocky beaches, that a couple of years before, had been inhabited by native species (Darrigran, 2002).
The word "balneary" implies the use of water with curative (i.e.
--It is played on a small field which is available for all specialists and children (on the sports field and sports hall of schools, neighborhood's fields, parks, malls, touristic departments, balneary, etc.)
Balneary cure means a complex therapy, using the action of a bunch of natural factors from a resort.
The balneary tourism is present due to the presence of the mineral waters with therapeutically values.
The rural space in the Carpathians possess important and varied resources for balneary treatments, especially due to the abundance of mineral and thermal springs, but in particular to a diversified mineralization that is owed to the petrography and tectonic aspects specific to mountain areas.
The health tourism based on natural treatment factors (balneary tourism) still need consistent description, but it is accepted that it refers to travel being motivated by the performance of a medical procedure or activities based on using water in order to promote physical and psychical welfare.