Bologna sausage

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bologna sausage

(Cookery) chiefly US and Canadian a large smoked sausage made of seasoned mixed meats. Also called: baloney, boloney or polony (esp Brit)
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Noun1.Bologna sausage - large smooth-textured smoked sausage of beef and veal and pork
sausage - highly seasoned minced meat stuffed in casings
polony - another name for Bologna sausage
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Another word of advice Lorenzo, if you take a good honest look in the mirror you'll see that you're just Lorenzo rather than Leonardo, so let's bin the balony and start thinking balls again.
professionals have contributed to the project, from local artisans, such as John Hassay who individually restored hand-carved balony gingerbread to match the historic original, to general contractor J.
The predominantly-painted stucco elevations are relieved by a bay window, sash fenstration, brick chimney stack, elevated terrace and balony.