Balsam tree

Related to Balsam tree: Abies balsamea
any tree from which balsam is obtained, esp. the Abies balsamea.

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A lighter honey, which tasted sweet and flowery, with a slight scent reminiscent of the balsam tree, probably was sourced from a combination of the balsam flowers and sugar water, which is necessary as the temperatures rise.
Virgin Mary washed her garments, sprinkling the used water on the ground, from which a balsam tree, now known as VirginAaAaAeA{Es Tree, sprouted and continu to receive visitors to this day.
Christmas without a homegrown Fraser fir or a balsam tree is almost unthinkable for Ansley and Steve Siter.
The camera follows Sophie through a year as she harvests plants, taps balsam tree sap, cuts the edible inner bark from a Jack pine that can save a lost hunter's life, and boils up raspberry branches on her stove for medicine.
"The one really small thing that did impact us there AaAeAeAu and it was ve minor AaAeAeAu I normally do get a couple dozen 12-foot balsam trees," Wahlgr said.
The morning sun bathes the spruce and balsam trees bordering the pond and the surrounding mountains in a warm light.
According to tree rings, balsam trees grew hardly at all during the years of scarce wolves and abundant moose.
Fresh snow blanketed the sweet-smelling balsam trees, and hungry chickadees swooped from branch to bird feeder.