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 (bôl′səs, bäl′-)
A river flowing about 725 km (450 mi) from south-central Mexico to the Pacific Ocean.
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(2007), in Balsas region (07[degrees]39'02"S, 46[degrees]21'31"W and 07[degrees]47'10"S, 46[degrees]10'16"W), and by Pavan (2007), in southwestern Cerrado, Carolina (07[degrees]15'27"S, 47[degrees]24'09"W) and Estreito (06[degrees]43'47"S, 47[degrees]27'18"W) Municipalities.
Though amate painters are not as well known as some other traditional Mexican artists, over the years many collectors and connoisseurs have been drawn to the state of Guerrero, lured by the images coming out of the Rio Balsas region. The interactions among the artists and their patrons--including their united response to a major threat to the community--added another layer to the Nahuas' story.
The Alto Balsas region is located in central Mexico (Tlaxcala, Puebla, Morelos and Guerrero states), south of the mountainous Trans-volcanic belt.