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 (bə-lo͞och′) also Ba·loch (-lōch′)
n. pl. Baluch also Baloch

[Baluchi Balōč.]
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Usman Institute of Technology (UIT) has announced that Team Lead, Student Affairs UIT and Cofounder at 'Chai Ki Dukaan', Ramsha Baluch's joint project on Sustainable Development Goals #16 has been selected to be presented at the United Nations in New York.
Mr Baluch said that delegations of both the government and opposition had been in contact with the JI regarding the issue of chairman senate but his party had not yet decided.
A picture in which handcuffed Irfan Siddiqui was being produced before the court of Assistant Commissioner Ramna Subdivision Ms Mehnaz Baluch went viral on media.
Performed by Tahseen Sakina and Baluch Twins, the Nescafe Basementspin off almost did justice to the famous folk melodies.
The province, which lies on a major opium trafficking route, has seen occasional clashes between Iranian forces and Baluch separatists, as well as drug traffickers.
Today marks the first anniversary of the death of senior journalist Siddiq Baluch. An undisputed authority on Balochistan, his voice is deeply missed in the ongoing debate about the province's political and economic problems.
According to details, soon after the resumptions of classes at 8.45 am, Haider Ali S/O Wasim Qaiser student of 9th Class killed his class mate Usman S/O Shabbir Ahmed resident of Baluch Regiment Centre Abbottabad.
Her bodycam footage and CCTV of the shocking incident in Prestwich was released by police as driver Rehan Baluch, who told a judge to '*** himself' after being sent down, was sentenced to seven years in jail.
Using the draw method, Chief Election Commissioner Sardar Mohammad Raza announced the retirement of Shakeel Baluch, member from Baluchistan and Abdul Ghaffar Soomro from Sindh, while the remaining two members will complete their five year tenure.
Provincial GGA president Hassan Baluch thanked the UNWOMEN for organising the event.
Counter-terrorism officer Umar Khitab said that authorities are investigating whether Baluch separatist commander Aslam Achhu, who they believe masterminded the attack, is in India.