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The study is the first local attempt to determine the biomass and carbon sequestration of at least three economically important bamboo species in the country-kawayan tinik (Bambusa blumeana), giant bamboo (Dendrocalamus asper) and bolo (Gigantochloa levis).
"There are several species to chose from, but those that do well in Kenya include Bambusa vulgaris, Bambusa tulda, Denntrocalamus gigantis, Dentrocalamus asper, bush bamboo and Oxtenanthera abyssinia," he offers."But farmers should first know where they can get market for their produce before planting the grass,'' he adds.
Biomass and carbon of Guadua angustifolia and Bambusa oldhamii in two communities of the Nororiental Sierra of Puebla, Mexico
Bamboo, particularly 'kawayan tinik' (Bambusa blumeana), used to grow abundantly on the hilly parts of Talim until about 10 years ago when the supply began to dwindle.
Bamboo Silica (Bambusa arundinacea stem extract) 12.00
Liwag Memorial School in Nueva Ecija who analyzed the Reducing Dopaminergic Neurodegeneration and Motor Dysfunction Using Crude Ethanolic Bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris) Leaf Extract on a Transgenic Caenorhabditis elegans Model of Parkinson's Disease.