banana bread

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Noun1.banana bread - moist bread containing banana pulpbanana bread - moist bread containing banana pulp  
quick bread - breads made with a leavening agent that permits immediate baking
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Monin's bakery line is designed to deliver "fresh out of the oven" flavor: the banana nut bread syrup offers a combination of ripe banana flavor with a touch of nut and spice; the cinnamon bun syrup delivers the taste of cinnamon and brown sugar with icing on top; and the cupcake syrup satisfies a craving for an iced vanilla cupcake.
The first banana nut bread recipes show up in the 18th century, after pearl ash (refined potash) and baking powder became popular as leavening agents.
In the same range, you'll find it available in Banana Nut Bread flavour.
The set of four scrumptiously scented unisex gel washes for hair and body, include cinnamon buns, banana nut bread, pumpkin pie and chocolate chip cookies, available for $30 at Sephora stores.
And maybe I could add in a recipe for banana nut bread and like that.