n.1.An ornamental covering, as of carpet or leather, for a bench or form.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Of a sudden, however, he caught a quick shimmer from the corner of a high-backed bancal in front of him, and, shifting a pace or two to the side, saw a white slender hand, which held a mirror of polished silver in such a way that the concealed observer could see without being seen.
The floor was of polished tiles, with a square of red and black diapered Flemish carpet in the centre; and many settees, cushions, folding chairs, and carved bancals littered all over it.
Traveling from the Gigantes Group of Islands, meanwhile, can take an hour from Bancal port, being its jump off point from the mainland
La horticultura ha desarrollado algunas tecnicas para incidir en tal proceso: compostingy bancal profundo.
Emilio Aguinaldo Highway to Wellton Corp.; Monte Carlo Subd., Carmona Circuit Racing Course, Granville Subd., Mountview Industrial Complex I and II, Unicon - Phinma Compound and Welbourne Industrial Park in Barangay Bancal, Carmona; AFP Housing, Francevill Phase 2 Subd., Gainsvill Subd., Seamen's Village, Greenbreeze IV Village, Fatima Heights Subd., City View II Subd.
The girl, a resident of Barangay Bancal in Meycauayan, Bulacan, was taken to the hospital after she showed symptoms of meningococcemia such as high fever, diarrhea and rashes.
'We started out with five units of ATVs, which we rented out during weekends, then we developed the tour to Tukal-Tukal Falls, the ATV adventure ride to Lomboy Lake, and later on, we opened the kayak and boat rides along the Bancal River,' she added.