soul music

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soul music

A style of popular music developed by African Americans, combining elements of gospel music and rhythm and blues.

soul′ mu`sic

music deriving from the secularization of black American gospel music combined with rhythm and blues and marked by earthy expressiveness.
[1960–65, Amer.]
موسيقى روحانِيَّه
zenci müziği


(səul) noun
1. the spirit; the non-physical part of a person, which is often thought to continue in existence after he or she dies. People often discuss whether animals and plants have souls.
2. a person. She's a wonderful old soul.
3. (of an enterprise etc) the organizer or leader. He is the soul of the whole movement.
4. soul music.
ˈsoulful adjective
full of (usually sad, wistful etc) feeling. a soulful expression.
ˈsoulfully adverb
ˈsoulless adjective
1. (of a person) without fine feeling or nobleness.
2. (of life, a task etc) dull or very unimportant.
ˈsoul-destroying adjective
(of a task etc) very dull, boring, repetitive etc.
soul music (also soul)
a type of music, descended from American Negro gospel songs, which has great emotion.