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also Ban·djar·ma·sin  (băn′jər-mä′sĭn, bän′-)
A city of Indonesia on a delta island of southern Borneo. An important deep-water port, Banjarmasin was part of a Hindu kingdom in the 14th century and passed to Muslim rulers in the 15th century.


(ˌbændʒəˈmɑːsɪn) or


(Placename) a port in Indonesia, in SW Borneo. Pop: 527 415 (2000). Former spelling: Bandjarmasin or Bandjermasin


or Ban•djar•ma•sin

(ˌbɑn dʒərˈmɑ sɪn)

a seaport on the S coast of Borneo, in Indonesia. 481,371.
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The Dutch text is very nearly identical to that in the earlier book, (14) and the two translations are identical, apart from mention of the "King of Bandjermasin" by Brunig (1955) and "sultan" by Teixeira (1964), and are as follows.
About two-thirds of Indonesian wet rubber exports to Singapore were from four ports (Djambi, Bandjermasin, Palambang and Pontianik), but the rest came from up to 41 other ports.(47) In dealing with such a fragmented market, Singapore Chinese employed book-keeping barter.
He was named as "formerly Resident at Bandjermasin, and Commissioner for Borneo" (Gentleman's Magazine Vol.