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also Ben·ga·si  (bĕn-gä′zē, bĕng-)
A city of northeast Libya on the Gulf of Sidra. Inhabited since Greek and Roman times, it is a major port and was a capital of Libya from 1951 to 1972.


(bɛnˈɡɑːzɪ) or


(Placename) a port in N Libya, on the Gulf of Sidra: centre of Italian colonization (1911–42); scene of much fighting in World War II. Pop: 1 080 500 (2002 est). Ancient names: Hesperides or Berenice


or Ben•ga•si

(bɛnˈgɑ zi, bɛŋ-)

a seaport in N Libya: former capital. 485,386.
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Noun1.Benghazi - port in northern Libya on the Gulf of SidraBenghazi - port in northern Libya on the Gulf of Sidra; formerly a joint capital of Libya with Tripoli
Libya, Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya - a military dictatorship in northern Africa on the Mediterranean; consists almost entirely of desert; a major exporter of petroleum


[benˈgɑːzɪ] NBengasi m
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Would he have revealed the CIA knew the Banghazi compound was under threat and Washington did nothing to secure it?
Younes, who was fighting at the front, had been recalled in Banghazi to be questioned on unspecified issues concerning the conduction of military operations.
After what happened in Banghazi, Americans became like Howard Beale in the 1976 movie Network -- "mad as hell and [they] can't take it anymore.
Summary: Banghazi University started Saturday morning the works of the First Libyan Economic Conference which was organized by Loyalty to Nation Establishment under the title (Libyan Economy, The Present Status & The Future Prospects).
The men of Misrata and entire Banghazi Western stooges never understood the consequences of their action against the man who had brought Africa pride.
Today in Syria 80 people died in one incident, I lost a childhood friend in Syria, and some got imprisoned, I lost several people I know in Yemen as well, I know an Egyptian blogger who was stripped in public when the central security caught him in Jan 25th, and doctors who were trapped in the hospitals in Banghazi in Libya under air raids.
Turkey has evacuated 1,422 citizens from Tripoli by planes so far, and 429 others from Banghazi," Davutoglu told a press conference in Ankara.
Independent medical studies have shown that the infections at the facility in the Mediterranean city of Banghazi predated the workers' arrival by several years.
Box 2121 Banghazi Libya Telephone: 218-61-87350 Fax: 218-61-86941 Contact: M.