cashier's check

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ca·shier's check

A check drawn by a bank on its own funds and signed by the bank's cashier.

cashier's′ check`

a check drawn by a bank on its own funds and signed by its cashier.
[1865–70, Amer.]
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Noun1.cashier's check - a check issued by the officer of a bank on the banks own account (not that of a private person); "cashier's checks are as good as cash"
bank check, check, cheque - a written order directing a bank to pay money; "he paid all his bills by check"
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Iii) cancelled bank cheque indicating bank micr number and ifsc code for epayment.
To further ease the procedures for the exhibitors a pledge letter attached with an open bank cheque from the importing company to GAC was accepted at the point of entry as a guarantee for the customs duty on all the imported exhibited items.
Other documents relied upon to file the charge against the CCT boss are, a copy of Zenith bank Cheque of Taiwo Rasheed Owolabi, copy of Zenith Bank Cheque of Ali Gambo Abdullahi, all processes and documents in Charge No.
Nasir Ahmad said last year, Naseeb brothers had admitted to their crime and had agreed to compensate him but the bank cheque they gave him was bounced after which Zar Naseeb was arrested by the Chitral police.
Replying to another question, the minister said there is no proposal under consideration of the government to withdraw bank cheque book facility.
He added that Arif had handed him over bank cheque worth Rs1 million when he demanded back his money.
As well as a Midland Bank cheque card and a library pass, she said it contained 12p.
ANF has also summoned information from Abbasi and family regarding bank transactions more than Rs1 lac, debts, investments, payment to insurance companies, premium details, foreign remittances, cheques, bank draft, transfer letter, deposit slip and bank cheque book serial number.
It has been further said in the notice that information about bank transactions over Rs 100000, cheques, bank drafts, transfer letter, deposit slip and bank cheque book serial number be also provided.
With expectations growing of heavy measures against dissent, European politicians warned Erdogan that the coup attempt did not give him a bank cheque to disregard the rule of law, and that he risked isolating himself internationally as he strengthens his position at home.
KABUL (PAN): Some political analysts have dismissed Balkh Governor Atta Mohammad Noor's allegations that President Karzai had offered his party a $100 million bank cheque in return for supporting his team as far from true and aimed at gaining political mileage.
There was also a box of diamonds and a bank cheque book inside.