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Noun1.Bankia - giant shipwormsBankia - giant shipworms      
mollusk genus - a genus of mollusks
Bankia setaceae, giant northwest shipworm - giant shipworm of the Pacific coast of North America
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City National Bank of Florida is a banking unit of Spain-based Bankia.
5bn ($25bn) poured into Bankia after a 2008 property crash.
Rato, the former president of Bankia, that needed a Spanish government bailout of around 24 billion U.
Summary: Bailed-out Spanish financial giant Bankia announced Saturday an 83 percent jump in its 2014 net profits to e1/4747 million, though the group remains under investigation for an ill-fated 2011 stock listing.
With its operational headquarters in Madrid, Spain, Bankia has 12 million customers and 10,000 employees.
NYSE: DBD) said it is driving an extensive update of the entire automated teller machine fleet for Bankia, S.
2 billion) of short-term debt at a T-bill auction while bailed-out bank Bankia and telecoms giant Telefonica also raised cash in the markets.
REAL MADRID president Florentino Perez has angrily rejected claims that Spanish bank Bankia helped finance the record-breaking 100m euro (PS85.
REAL Madrid president Florentino Perez has angrily rejected claims Spanish bank Bankia helped finance the record-breaking 100m euro (PS85.
Those banks are Bawag, Erste Bank (VIE:EBS), Oesterreichische Volksbanken-AG (WBAG:VBPS), or OeVAG, Raiffeisen International (WBAG:RIBH), Raiffeisen Oberoesterreich, UniCredit Bank Austria and Spanish Bankia SA (MCE:BKIA).
In Spain this falls to the largest of the state bail-outs, Bankia.
Moody's Investors Service axed its ratings of Bankia, Catalunya Banc and NovaCaixaGalicia, citing their "very weak" asset quality, poor profits and the major challenges they face in lowering debt, closing branches and cutting staff numbers.