Bankrupt law

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a law by which the property of a person who is unable or unwilling to pay his debts may be taken and distributed to his creditors, and by which a person who has made a full surrender of his property, and is free from fraud, may be discharged from the legal obligation of his debts. See Insolvent, a.

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DWT, argued in the California Supreme Court, The court ruled that Jones Day had established, after a nearly decade-long fight, that a bankrupt law firm has no right to hourly fees earned by other firms on the defunct firms prior matters, because client matters belong to clients, not lawyers.
The hits just keep on coming for Dewey & LeBoeuf, as the bankrupt law firm agreed on Friday to pay up to $1.4 million to destroy old client files.
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bankruptcy judge approved a $71.5 million settlement between former Dewey & LeBoeuf partners and the bankrupt law firm's estate on Tuesday.
Liberal new bankrupt laws could backfire by encouraging irresponsible borrowers to take on more debt, Birmingham finance experts have claimed.