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(ˈbæŋ kwoʊ, -koʊ)

(in Shakespeare's Macbeth) a murdered thane whose ghost appears to Macbeth.
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Mr Merdle's default left a Banquo's chair at the table; but, if he had been there, he would have merely made the difference of Banquo in it, and consequently he was no loss.
The Manager always played BANQUO himself, his Wife my LADY MACBETH.
So that the bloody Banquo was not worthy to be compared to him.
Bertuccio, without answering, pointed to Villefort with something of the gesture Macbeth uses to point out Banquo.
Nutty looked at the monkey rather like an elongated Macbeth inspecting the ghost of Banquo.
I do think THE WITCHES CURSE, an Operatic Tragedy is rather a nice thing, but I'd like to try McBETH, if we only had a trapdoor for Banquo.
Personally, I find the eponyms more interesting than the mere possessions such as Banquo, Mary, and Zorro.
The king's son Malcolm (Jack Reynor) flees and Banquo (Paddy Considine) - who is party to the witches' proclamation - naturally suspects Macbeth's trembling hand in the foul play.
But the playwright twisted the character of Banquo from the murderer's accomplice described by Holinshed to a loyal, noble fellow who refuses to be drawn into the blood feud.
Breaking Michael is by promise power The king's son Malcolm (Jack Reynor) flees and Banquo (Paddy Considine) suspects Macbeth, who quickly targets rival Macduff (Sean Harris), his wife (Elizabeth Debicki) and her children so that no one stands in his way, as decreed by the hags.
Paddy Considine plays Banquo, David Thewlis is King Duncan and Scots actor David Hayman plays Lennox.