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Bantingism, bantingism

a diet of high protein and low fat and carbohydrate, followed in a program to lose weight, named for its developer W. Banting, 19th-century English cabinet-maker.
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In July 2014, the South African (SA) media reported that, by proving that low-carbohydrate (CHO) diets were not better than 'balanced' eating, [1] a recently published article [2] from the universities of Stellenbosch and Cape Town had effectively 'debunked the Banting diet'.
It also draws heavily on the Banting diet devised by British undertaker William Banting, who famously gave up the carb-rich eating habits of the Victorians in the 1860s to cure himself of obesity.
Noakes, who has been researching infant nutrition for the past 4 years, is about to release the follow-up book to The Real Meal Revolution (his guide to the Banting diet), entitled Raising Superheroes, which deals solely with infant and child nutrition.
If you haven't seen this show yet, it's an experiment to see which diet of the past works best - is it the Banting diet first published in 1863, the 'chew chew' diet of the early 1900s, or the first calorie-counting Lulu diet, one of the best selling non-fiction publications of the 1920s?
THE Banting Diet is the Victorian version of the Atkins Diet: low carbs, cut out starch and sugar, and avoid milk, beer and potatoes.