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1. Any of the homelands formerly established for blacks in South Africa by the government during the apartheid era.
2. A landlocked, often fragmented ethnic enclave within a larger state, nominally possessing some degree of autonomy but usually economically dependent and lacking real power.

[From Bantu (on the model of Hindustan).]


(ˈbɑːntʊˌstɑːn; ˌbæntʊˈstɑːn)
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (formerly, in South Africa) an area reserved for occupation by a Black African people, with limited self-government; abolished in 1993. Official name: homeland


(ˈhoʊmˌlænd, -lənd)

1. one's native land.
2. a region created or considered as a state by or for a particular ethnic group: the Palestinian homeland.
3. any of the racially and ethnically based regions created in South Africa by the government as nominally independent tribal states.
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The Inkatha Freedom Party, a powerful Zulu faction headed by Chief Mongosuthu Buthelezi, which controlled the Kwa-Zulu Bantustan, took up arms against other Zulus led by the King, and Zuma together with ANC supporters, in favour of a unified non-racial and non-balkanised national government.
JERICHO, February 10, 2016 (WAFA) -- The Palestine Liberation Organization Secretary-General Saeb Erekat Wednesday decried Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's remarks praising the construction of a border fence with Jordan likening his statements to South Africa's Bantustan system.
De ahi que algunos priistas, sobrevivientes del sexenio de Gustavo Diaz Ordaz, recomienden hacer de ese municipio un bantustan, esto es, un territorio relativamente autonomo, pero dentro del pais y bajo un ferreo dominio del gobierno central, lo que hizo Sudafrica en los tiempos del apartheid, medida que permitia explotar a los habitantes de los bantustanes sin el problema de tener que considerarlos como iguales ni de concederles derechos.
13] This was particularly true for the Bantustan of the Transkei, which depended on mission hospitals to provide services.
And then, of course, there was the growing instability of the Bantustan governments.
There is a certain climate of opinion that entertains the terrible notion that Palestinian statehood is impossible, and that the Palestinians must therefore accept the Bantustan system that now exists in the West Bank and live under a system of discrimination.
Second, while the White press knew too well the limitations of the Bantustan theory, it was a far cry from what Blacks wanted, which went on to build the image of Matanzima and Buthelezi in order to harness them to a path they had already chosen and to make the non-analytic masses believe that a great victory was just about to be achieved.
Although too young to vote, AbuKhater has been vocal online, criticizing what he calls the Palestinian Authority's quest to establish a "Sovereign Bantustan.
Through the 'grand' apartheid policy, millions of Africans were forcibly dislocated to a designated Bantustan dependent on their record of origin.
Whether documenting workers blasting a shaft in a gold mine, the grueling commute from a Bantustan, or everyday life in a middle-class Afrikaans town, South African photographer David Goldblatt's images are beguilingly straightforward.
Whilst he may well be content to be the part-time Secretary of State for a Welsh Bantustan, many other people in Wales are not content with the latest fudged half measures.