Banja Luka

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Ban·ja Lu·ka

 (bän′yə lo͞o′kə)
A city of north-central Bosnia and Herzegovina northwest of Sarajevo. Ruled at various times by Turkey and Austria, Banja Luka became part of Yugoslavia after World War I.

Banja Luka

(Bosnian ˈbaːnjaː ˌluːka)
(Placename) a city in NW Bosnia-Herzegovina, on the Vrbas River: scene of battles between the Austrians and Turks in 1527, 1688, and 1737; besieged by Serb forces (1992–95). Pop: 182 000 (2005 est)

Ba•nja Lu•ka

(ˈbɑ nyə ˈlu kə)
a city in N Bosnia and Herzegovina. 183,618.
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Kelly Smith and Kinder McKenna Banya Luka Medical Centre BLMF, Op Palatine BFPO 553
Two weeks before, he said, his best friend had stepped on a mine near Banya Luka, and the blast had blown his legs, still dressed immaculately in his khaki jodhpurs and black boots, into the tops of the nearby willow tree.
Swinging east to Banya Luka, the soldiers get jumpier.