Banzer Suarez

Ban•zer Sua•rez

(ˈbɑn sər ˈswɑr ɛs)
Hugo, born 1926, president of Bolivia since 1997.
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El dictador elegido: biografia no autorizada de Hugo Banzer Suarez. Ecuador: Plural Editores, 2001.
Hugo Banzer Suarez, a School of the Americas graduate who had overthrown the Bolivian government, but the State Department nevertheless approved him to be honored in the SOA Hall of Fame.
Hugo Banzer Suarez (1971-1978), died of liver cancer without ever facing trial (see NotiSur, 2002-05-10).
When an attempted coup by rightist general Hugo Banzer Suarez was threatened by a breakdown in the plotters' radio communications, the U.S.
President Hugo Banzer Suarez placed Bolivia under martial law, suspended civil rights, and set up an emergency government, installing a graduate of the School of the Americas as mayor.
Some of the worst human rights abusers in Latin America, and no fewer than 11 dictators, including Manuel Noriega of Panama and Hugo Banzer Suarez of Bolivia, have passed through the halls of the school.
In July 2000, then-President Hugo Banzer Suarez signed a Supreme Decree (similar to an executive order) defining the relationships between religious organizations and the Government, which immediately entered into force.
Bolivian President Hugo Banzer Suarez has called off an official visit to Japan scheduled for early October to deal with an antigovernment protest by coca leaf farmers, a report from La Paz said Wednesday.
Kono also promised to "do whatever possible to help Bolivia proceed with economic reforms," and invited Bolivian President Hugo Banzer Suarez to visit Japan next year, the official said.