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or Pao•chi


a city in W Shaanxi province, in central China. 338,754.
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Guanzhong Plain urban cluster mainly refers to the central region of Shaanxi province, including Xian, Xianyang and Baoji, with a dense population and a rich history.
Hong Kong/Shanghai: Fitch Ratings has assigned Baoji Investment (Group) Co.
NYT SHANGHAI The Chinese government thinks this company's name literally goes too far: A Group of Youths in Baoji Holding a Cherished Dream That Under the Leadership of Uncle Niu They Will Create the Miracle of Life Network Technology Co.
Hence, Wang, Li, and He (1999), Fan, Wang, Zhai, and Su (2002), and Hu (2006) recruited middle-school students at schools in Beijing (the capital city of China), Baoji, and Xiamen (two prefecture-level cities in China), respectively, as participants to conduct a survey and establish local norms for the mental-health status of the students in the three regions accordingly.
Ltd (72) S*ST Chang-ling Shaanxi Provincial Baoji municipal Management SASAC (78) Bureau of State- owned Assets (77) S*ST Xin'an Garden Group Co Guosheng Xie, Ltd, Henan Bingshe Xie (83) (private) (82) *ST Dixian B Rong Chen (86) Rong Chen (87) *ST Danhua Dandong Chemical Dandong State- Fibber (Group) Co owned Assets Ltd (90) Management Co Ltd (91) S*ST Guangming Group State-owned Assets Guangming Co Ltd (SOE) Management Office 32.
This study aimed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Qinming8631 DR (Qinming Medical, Baoji, China), the first domestically developed dual-chamber pacemaker of China, compared with a commercially available pacemaker Talos DR (Biotronik, Berlin, Germany) in Chinese patients.
Multivariate statistical analysis of heavy metals in street dust of Baoji, NW China.
degrees from the Baoji University of Arts and Science and the Zhongyuan University of Technology in 2006 and 2010, respectively.
3) Breeding Centre of Forest Musk Deer in Pien Tze Huang, Baoji 721000, China
Lu X, Wang L, Lei K, Huang J, Zhai Y (2009) Contamination assessment of copper, lead, zinc, manganese and nickel in street dust of Baoji, NW China.