Baptisia tinctoria

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Noun1.Baptisia tinctoria - much-branched erect herb with bright yellow flowersBaptisia tinctoria - much-branched erect herb with bright yellow flowers; distributed from Massachusetts to Florida
false indigo, wild indigo - any of several plants of the genus Baptisia
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rhizomata 7.5 1.5 7.5 Tephrosia hispidula 0.5 3.5 0.5 Baptisia tinctoria 3.5 0.1 0.1 Other 10.7 6.5 3.6 Sum of covers 59.7 134.1 (49.1) 11.7 Herbaceous richness 29 34 (33) 31
A pH-balanced isotonic blend solution of Baptisia tinctoria, grapefruit seed extract, oregano, and nano silver was shown to improve sinusitis symptoms by 27%.
The active, isotonic (Active) solution contained wild indigo (Baptisia tinctoria, a homeopathic agent), oregano, grapefruit seed extract, and colloidal silver in buffered, isotonic saline.
Three endangered species, formerly known from Illinois but believed to be extirpated, were recorded: Baptisia tinctoria (yellow wild indigo), Scleria muhlenbergia (Muhlenberg's nut rush), and Scleria pauciflora var.