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Noun1.Baptist Church - any of various evangelical Protestant churches that believe in the baptism of voluntary believersBaptist Church - any of various evangelical Protestant churches that believe in the baptism of voluntary believers
Baptist denomination - group of Baptist congregations
Protestant denomination - group of Protestant congregations
Baptist - follower of Baptistic doctrines
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Grandfather was a deacon in the new Baptist Church, grandmother was busy with church suppers and missionary societies, and I was quite another boy, or thought I was.
She was a pious, good girl,--a member of the Baptist church,--and as handsome as my poor mother had been.
Shoes can be dropped off the entire month of August at Almeda Baptist Church, Christ the King Lutheran Church, Clear Lake Baptist Church, Dr.
Virginians may have found a sense of achievement in acquiring membership in a Baptist church.
LANCASTER - Bethel Baptist Church will hold an installation service at 2 p.
Mac Brunson, senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, the host site of the Dallas symposium.
For about a year, Brian Talbot, senior pastor of Cumbernauld Baptist Church, Scotland, and archivist of the Scottish Baptist History Archive in Glasgow, has been teaching me about the work of Scottish Baptists via e-mail, and his article, "Fellowship in the Gospel," further expanded my education about Scottish Baptists and their work with other Baptists during the early twentieth century.
It's the luck of First Baptist Church at La Crescenta to be uphill, on higher ground.
Boyles was pastor of the First Baptist Church, Moore, Okla.
LAKEVIEW TERRACE - Lakeview Terrace American Baptist Church is holding a ground-breaking Sunday for a new church, to make room for an expanding congregation.
Boston Bank of Commerce (BBOC) announces that Reverend Calvin Butts of Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem, New York has invited Kevin Cohee and Teri Williams to attend an open community forum to discuss the future of Carver Bancorp, Inc.

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