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Adj.1.Baptistic - of or pertaining to or characteristic of the Baptist churchBaptistic - of or pertaining to or characteristic of the Baptist church; "Baptistis baptismal practices"
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He presented a specific view of soul freedom as "the right of all people to believe as they choose," but added the important caveat that "this does not mean that Baptists can believe what is not baptistic and still be Baptists.
This is why pentecostal hermeneutics has long stressed, consistent with other restorationist and baptistic approaches, a this--is--that connectivity between the contemporary horizon of Spirit--filled involvement with the living God (this) and the apostolic account of the same (that).
1) Gantry's Baptistic education, his ordainment, his first pulpit, his running away from Lulu.
Orbis Books, 1986), 11, 19; Valentin Kozhuharov, "Christian Mission as Teaching and Liturgical Life: An Orthodox Perspective," Baptistic Theologies 2, no.
Pietist movements of all sorts, baptistic traditions, and Wesleyan-Holiness Christians in all of their various streams-each of these and more have established hermeneutical practices that focus on the relevance of the apostolic experience for contemporary Christian faith.
He selected three Philadelphia churches for his study: a large baptistic congregation with intermittent links to the Independent Fundamental Churches of America; a small Mennonite fellowship; and a growing, upwardly mobile church associated with the "Boston Movement" of the International Churches of Christ.
In Born of Water & Spirit, Richard Traylor provides an excellent account of these first Kentucky Baptists, how their Baptistic beliefs (impulses) laid a lasting foundation, and how this foundation helped shape what would become and remain the largest and most influential denomination in the Bluegrass State.
While this quite technical Baptistic book is not for everyone, its clear organization would be good for every author to follow.
The afterward documents the conflicts that plagued the early Pentecostal movement: race and leadership; the Wesleyan second work of grace against the Baptistic finished-work soteriology; the unitarian "Jesus only" baptismal affirmation against the trinitarian baptismal tradition among Pentecostals.
31) The Free Baptist Treatise was more decidedly baptistic than previous New Light Baptist statements had been.
Mapping Baptistic Identity: Towards an Understanding of European Baptist Identity; Listening to the Churches in Armenia, Bulgaria, Central Asia, Moldova, North Caucasus, Omsk, and Poland.
The non-Wesleyan wing has been variously described as Keswick (after the so-called "Keswick movement" originating in Britain, with its emphasis on holiness as the "higher life"), Reformed, or Baptistic in its position on sanctification.