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Noun1.rock band - a band of musicians who play rock'n'roll musicrock band - a band of musicians who play rock'n'roll music
dance band, dance orchestra, band - a group of musicians playing popular music for dancing
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01446 738622 MUSIC Massy Ferguson With a top-notch American rock 'n' roll band and a ridiculously talented Liverpudlian singer-songwriter, Massy Ferguson are a bar band in the best sense.
Songs cover an impressive stylistic waterfront, from lurching bar band rock to genteel folk and gospel style.
In between stints working the register at a Whole Foods-esque yuppie-mart, Ricki fronts a Tarzana bar band that's recently been forced to broaden its repertoire from 70s AOR standards to the likes of Lady Gaga and Pink.
The bar band from Athens, Alabama, with electrifying frontwoman Brittany Howard sold 737,000 copies of its first disc, earned three Grammy nominations, performed twice on "Saturday Night Live,'' played for President Obama and earned enough critical hurrahs to fill a trunk.
The mark of a bar band is playing four, maybe five hours in a night," said Miller, 59, who later played in the Paul Larson Band.
SJ and the Jukes have been regulars at the Robin down the years, and the intimate vibe of the this small venue perfectly suits the men often described as America's best bar band.
It's fascinating to hear how they progressed from bar band to the classy, bill-topping, chart-topping arena rock band.
155) About one-fifth of the Eel River Bar band has restored Indian status under Bill C-31, and it has an out-marriage rate over fifty per cent.
I like The Hold Steady, a booze-soaked bar band in which Finn sings intense ballads (mainly about losers
They told us we were a simple drinking bar band and that's all we would ever be.
But when listening to the B-side "Sometimes" or their cover of "Surfin' USA," I like to imagine that JAMC are really a misunderstood bar band that would rather be ripping beer bongs and taking their shirts off and screaming about how they want to party the fuck out of this shitty shitty shit world.