bar clamp

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bar′ clamp`

a clamp having two jaws attached to a bar, one fixed and the other adjustable.
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Limited Tenders are invited for Bar Clamp Copper Bar - 615.
Set the 18-inch bar clamp across the two handle supports and leave the basket overnight so the glue can dry thoroughly.
I then attached a bar clamp to hold the wood in place for splitting.
The model features a single round headlight, machined triple clamps, a solid brake disc clamp, bar-end mirrors and a circular instrument panel built into the bar clamp
There's a Ratchet Clamp, which comes in small and large, with a maximum spacing capacity of 30mm and 50mm respectively, and a Bar Clamp, which has a maximum capacity of 108mm, with precision opening.
99 a square metre; MAKING JOBS EASIER: The Dremel Clamps, below left, are available as a Ratchet Clamp, which comes in small and large, and a Bar Clamp with precision opening and closing.
Welding clamps are a unique type of bar clamp ideal for quick tacking and other welding jobs.
If you are stretching woven wire field fencing, you use a standard fence stretcher hooked to the end-corner post with the bar clamp tightened to the wire of the fence, so that when the wire is stretched tight, the clamp will be between the two posts.
While a small C-clamp would fit, the bar clamp handle wouldn't even begin to fit.
The rack clamp consists of a notched bar worked to a J shape with one sliding jaw and the bar clamp has a straight notched steel bar and two sliding jaws.
This is an old favorite among woodworkers: Clamp on notched blocks, then add a bar clamp or two to squeeze the joint.