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1. A B-girl.
2. A barmaid.
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The first case arose last week after a bar hostess in her 20s filed a complaint against Park for sexually assaulting her in a restroom at an upscale bar in Gangnam, southern Seoul.
Some films considered are Godzilla (1954), Barefoot Gen (1983), Face of Jizo (2004), and A History of Postwar Japan as Told by a Bar Hostess. The book includes b&w film stills and photos.
Duddy, who lives in Queens with his wife Grainne, a bar hostess, filmed scenes in Los Angeles and Panama.
Another woman, fomer bar hostess Miyuki Ueta, is also waiting on the outcome of a supreme court appeal against a death sentence for the killing of two men.
Chris posed for photos with bar hostess Princess Jordan but left a fan furious when he refused to have his picture taken with him.
During my two-year fieldwork between 1999 and 2002, I lived and worked with karaoke bar hostesses as a karaoke bar hostess myself.
American charged with murdering Thai bar hostess An American has been arrested and charged with killing a bar hostess he met on the Thai resort island of Phuket, police said Monday.
Mr Blackman's daughter Lucie, from Sevenoaks, Kent, disappeared in July 2000, while working as a bar hostess in the Roppongi bar district of Tokyo.
But Spector maintained that the bar hostess and actress died by her own hand.
The actress and bar hostess was killed in the early hours of the next morning by a single gunshot to the mouth while seated in the foyer of the producer's mansion..
Millionaire property developer Joji Obara was cleared last year of raping and killing the British bar hostess in Japan in 2000.
Millionaire property developer Joji Obara was acquitted of murdering and raping the bar hostess, who had been working at a Tokyo night club when she disappeared in 2000.