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In the New Testament, the condemned thief whose release, instead of that of Jesus, was demanded of Pilate by the multitude.


(Bible) New Testament a condemned robber who was released at the Passover instead of Jesus (Matthew 27:16)


(bəˈræb əs)

the criminal pardoned instead of Jesus to appease the mob. Mark 15:6–11, John 18:40.
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To the devil and Barabbas with such books, that have brought to ruin in this way the finest understanding there was in all La Mancha
Barabbas was neither a robber nor a publisher, but a six-barred, barbed-wired, spike-topped Fence.
He was coming from Norway to direct a play at the Los Angeles Theatre Center--Three Sisters or Barabbas, one of the two.
The reference is to Pontius Pilate sending Jesus to the gallows in preference to the insurrectionary Jesus Barabbas.
A During the evening the audience will not only meet Shylock and Tubal (his only friend in the play) but also a host of other characters including Portia, Pontius Pilate,Romeo, Bassanio, Barabbas Richard Burbage and Sir Henry Irving.
The next day, he goes to the town circle to choose between Jesus and Barabbas, never questioning the legitimacy of Pilate's narrow choices.
Barabbas Okuyama uses a kind of avant-garde dance form known as Butoh.
Recalling the format of films like The Robe (1953) and Barabbas (1961), Risen tells the story of a sceptic who finds faith in Christ in the immediate aftermath of the crucifixion.
They have rejected the Christ and called for Barabbas.
Benedict also notes the fundamental antithesis between Barabbas, the armed revolutionary who desires a messianic kingdom on earth, and the essentially trans-political message and mission of Jesus Christ.
At the steering committee meeting of the party held in Kottayam, some Kerala Congress (M) members felt the position of the Congress party when allegations were raised against Mani, was quite like the cry to "Crucify Jesus and let Barabbas free".
Furthermore, that Pilate would defer to the Jews in his decision to execute Jesus and free a criminal like Barabbas strains credibility and was probably invented by an early Christian community who found such a memory best suited to its fears and prejudices.